South American Bird Fair From Buenos Aires to Ibera

September 28th to October 2nd

5 days, 4 nights

From BA (Buenos Aires) to Ituzaingó the region is plenty of Birding Hotsposts and interesting places, in some of the most diverse birding areas of Northeast Argentina, offering many endemics that cannot be found in any other area.

  • Departing: Buenos Aires, September 28th, 7 hs
  • Arriving: Ituzaingó, October 2nd, 19 hs

Environments: Pampas’ grasslands, thorny woods (“Espinal” forests), palm groves, savannahs and wetlands. Several IBAs, Ramsar Sites, national and provincial parks and private reserves during this unique trip.

Species on the trip: 590

Target Birds:

  • Curve-billed Reedhaunter
  • Yellow Cardinal
  • Greater Rhea
  • Southern Screamer
  • Red-and-white Crake

Price: U$D 1200.-



Departure at 07:00 AM from Buenos Aires, with a stop in Natural Reserve Costanera Sur to see some local species common there such as Nanda Parakeet, several coots, ducks and grebes unusual in the rest of the trip. From there will go to Ceibas (2 hour from BA), a birdlife-rich área located in the meeting of the northern Parana River Delta, Pampas’ grasslands and the xerophytic thorny Woods of the “Espinal” ecoregion. In this array of habitats we will search in this special combination of habitats that includes more than 350 bird species, those species that are not possible to be seen during the rest of the trip. In September its diversity is plenty of species including migrants. Local list includes reedhaunters, warbling-finches, several not common furnarids (Asthenes, Phacellodomus, Certhiaxis, etc), hawks, woodpeckers and the local star: Yellow Cardinal. A short “owning” after dinner cold be opportunity for Scissor-tailed Nightjar.
Accommodation in Ceibas.


Early departure towards Ceibas’ grasslands in search of the grasslands species!. Arrive at El Palmar National Park, where we might observe a very special environment close to Uruguay River. Typical birds are Red-winged Tinamou, Striped Cuckoo, Red-rumped Warbling-Finch, White Woodpecker and Diademed Tanager among many.
Accommodation in Concordia (1 hour North of El Palmar), still in Entre Ríos Province.


Early departure northwards Curuzú Cuatiá, in Corrientes Province, with stops in the way. Well, arrive in a private cattle ranch where we’ll have opportunities for birding there going to a stream bordered by forest.  In the area will be possible find species such as Spotted Tinamou, Whistling Heron, Campo flicker, Savannah Hawk, Cardinals and Tyrants.

The accommodation will be in Curuzú Cuatiá.


Drive along a dirt road across campos’ habitats and wetlands towards Santo Tomé. During the drive we might see groups of Greater Rheas, as well as White-broaded Blackbird, Plumbeous Ibis, Scimitar-billed Woodcreeper, Checkered Woodpecker, or Suiriri Flycatcher, lark-like Brushrunner, Blue-and-yellow Tanager, Lesser Grass-Finch and some species of seedeaters, among many others.

Accommodation in Santo Tome.


Santo Tomé, next to the Uruguay River, presents an interesting expanse of Atlantic Rainforest, changing the diversity of species strongly. Here we’ll be opportunities for antshrikes, hummingbirds, wood-rails, tanagers or euphorias among the dozens of species we will look for.

The city has a Nature Reserve and will share the morning with a local guide.

In the afternoon will continue our trip, birding on the road, arriving in Ituzaingó. End of the trip (this night is not included)

PRICE: U$D 1200.-

The cost includes:

  • Private transportation in car or minibus
  • Accommodation 4 nights in shared double room
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Experienced ornithological guide
  • Water unlimited

Not included:

  • Medical insurance
  • Alcoholic or other drinks

Single room supplement: U$D 250

NOTE: The itinerary could be adjusted according to the weather and to the state of the roads.

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