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10 Jun 2023

Ecuador land of birds

Ecuador Headquarters of the XII South American Bird Fair

Located at the crossroads of the equator and the Andes mountain range, Ecuador benefits from a unique geographical location. The smallest of the Andean countries has inherited an incomparable diversity over time. Considered one of the countries with the highest concentration of biodiversity in the world, Ecuador, including the legendary Galapagos Islands, is home to more than 1,723 species of birds, which are distributed in 6 large bioregions and more than 90 different ecosystems, easily accessible and with excellent accommodation facilities. These characteristics make it an especially popular country for bird watchers, photographers, and nature lovers in general. The exuberance of its flora and fauna, as well as its great cultural and gastronomic wealth, ensure the visitor an unforgettable experience.

MINDO, the feathered valley

Located just 2 hours from Quito, the Mindo Valley has been positioned for more than 20 years as one of the most important regional Birdwatching sectors. The first IBA in South America, an example of sustainable development, winner of multiple international bird count events, the cradle of national Avitourism, the small charming town of Mindo positioned itself as one of the most emblematic green destinations on the continent. Located in the heart of the Choco Andino Biosphere Reserve, it is the starting point for a region where birds abound. No less than 680 bird species have been recorded throughout the area. Dare to discover them.

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