Talks will have a maximum duration of 40 minutes, plus a maximum of 10 minutes for audience questions. Applications for talks in English, Portuguese, and Spanish are accepted. Regular talks will take place during the first 3 days of the Fair, and we estimate 22 available slots.

The Committee will evaluate the applications, ensuring an equitable distribution of the nationalities of applicants among countries and selecting talks deemed most inspiring, impactful, and interesting to the South American birdwatching community. We recommend optimizing the use of time to fairly present all elements of the talk. Additionally, we suggest using audiovisual material, subtitled in English when the talk is in Spanish or Portuguese, or in either of these languages when the talk is in English.

To assess the relevance of talks for the XII South American Bird Fair, it will be necessary to send a summary to our email In the email subject, please indicate ‘Talk Application.’

General instructions

  • Provide a title and a brief description in a few lines.
  • Birds may be referred to by common names, but always include the scientific name in italics without parentheses, followed by the family name in parentheses. It is recommended to also mention names in English.
  • Full name of the speaker and mention if affiliated or representing any institution.
  • We recommend using scientific names and English names used in eBird and Merlin.

Although talk slots are limited, they can cover various topics related to birds, birdwatching, new scientific discoveries, interesting destinations in the continent, ecological themes, sustainability, avitourism, etc.

What is not allowed

  • Talks on environmental education initiatives will not be accepted; these should be submitted to the Education symposium.
  • Talks promoting commercial activities (companies, route sales, etc.) are also not allowed; for these, commercial booths are suggested.


Applications will be accepted from January 1st to June 30th, and acceptance responses will be provided by July 31st.